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 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
06:04pm 14/06/2008
[---[[NoZoMi29~KuN]]---] posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]
I was watching Malice Mizer Bel Air [PV] yesterday and wasn't sure whether or not this can be considered Dandy?

On to the Pictures...Collapse )
  Here is the video. Scans are under the cut.
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Which type are you?
 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
10:33pm 10/06/2008
[---[[NoZoMi29~KuN]]---] posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]
I was surfing the net when I came across this test to determin what sort of Japanese Goth you are. 

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 nozomi29kun - (daevas)
10:56am 09/06/2008
Layla posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]
I've been asked by this community to post some picture of my GuroLoli style. Her eis some pictures from a few shoots I've done in Guro Loli. My take on the style is that it's a combination of innocent classic lolita (mainly in white) with added injuries, bandages and hospital accessories. It's meant to be a lolita in distress style and its also referred to as Crime scene lolita or horror scene. The outfit in the pictures is made from a GosuRori pattern.
I'd love to hear from others who are interested in this.

My isnpiration for my outfit and the shoot was this picture:
And now onto my pictures:

Eye candy!Collapse )
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Evil Doctor/ Mad Scientist?
 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
07:28pm 08/06/2008
[---[[NoZoMi29~KuN]]---] posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]
Recetly I've been watching Lulu and some old Malice Mizer PVs. It hit me while watching them how easy this sort of style is to pull off. Though it is not an official Japanese Gothic style it has been modeled by Jrocker and being a fan of guro the evil doctor/ mad scientist genre apeals to me. 

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Male Style [王子様・Ouji~sama・Prince]
 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
11:56pm 07/06/2008
[---[[NoZoMi29~KuN]]---] posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]

Ouji~sama is my favorite style as it is elegant, can be reagle and at the sametime very youthful. Furthermore it's probally the simplest style to pull off especially on a tight budged. 

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Kodona [The truth behind...]
 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
11:11pm 07/06/2008
[---[[NoZoMi29~KuN]]---] posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]
 Kodona is the term used to describe the Lolita counterpart. A young male who usually wears 3/4 trousers, a fitting boyish shirt, a large tie, maybe a wasitcoat and top hat with a  pair of boots. A Kodona carries the personality of a young boy who enjoys tormenting a Lolita but will also show her affection. In short Kodona is an elegant yet energetic young boy.

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Evil Doctor/ Mad Scientist
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