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Evil Doctor/ Mad Scientist?
 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
07:28pm 08/06/2008
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Recetly I've been watching Lulu and some old Malice Mizer PVs. It hit me while watching them how easy this sort of style is to pull off. Though it is not an official Japanese Gothic style it has been modeled by Jrocker and being a fan of guro the evil doctor/ mad scientist genre apeals to me. 

What do you need?
A white coat. All you need is a white lab coat. I have one from Junior school. It does the trick. You don't need to button it up so you can wear whatever you want underneeth e.g. Lolita, EGA, etc.

To give it a bit of edge you might want to add some fake blood. 

Below are links to a website which teaches you how to make blood at home without having to harm yourself in the process...unless you are really clumsy and hurt yourself mixing or something like that *shrugs*
Types of Blood:

  • Realistic looking Blood with a gentle mint flavor.
  • Clear Blood which looks excellent in a Wine Glass.
  • Chocolate Blood More realistic than you'd think!
  • Gore Blood with a jelly consistancy which helps it stay put.
  • Buckets o' Blood for bulk use.
  • Buckets o' Blood 2 using a gelatin base.

    It looks really awsome if you have handprints streaking down as though someone has been trying to grab hold of you as as they are dieing. 

    Props you might want to use can be: testtubes (maybe you can fill them with blood), conicle flasks, a microscope (this might be quite heavy to carry if it is a proper one in which case I would buy a childrens plastic one), PLASTIC  scalpal or anything, lolipop sticks in your pocket, a giant lolipop, stethascope (but only if you have one as a good one costs an arm and a leg), doctors bag (useful and good looking), some bandages.

    Leather or disposable gloves are good, but please do not wear your yellow washing up gloves >.>'' .

    Glasses are always advisable especially thick rimmed ones, but if you want to wear them and don't have bad eye sight make sure the lenses are fake ptherwise you will spend most your time banging into things >.>

    Later I will be includinding some information about guro~loli which will be in some ways similar to this.

    Please enjoy the two pictures which I found

    Malice Mizer

    So thats easy. Pretty easy
    Hope this has been of some help to you

    [ .until .we .meet .again. ]
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    Evil Doctor/ Mad Scientist
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