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Kodona [The truth behind...]
 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
11:11pm 07/06/2008
[---[[NoZoMi29~KuN]]---] posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]
 Kodona is the term used to describe the Lolita counterpart. A young male who usually wears 3/4 trousers, a fitting boyish shirt, a large tie, maybe a wasitcoat and top hat with a  pair of boots. A Kodona carries the personality of a young boy who enjoys tormenting a Lolita but will also show her affection. In short Kodona is an elegant yet energetic young boy.

However while recently reseaching the style itself I came to realise that Kodona is a term which has been created by foreigners and is not a Japanese Lolita fashion. 

The word Kodona is derived from the words "Kodomo~Otona" which translates to "Child~Adult". The term came into use amoung Japanese parents approximatly a decade ago to describe the stage during highschool when their child is no longer a child and not yet an adult. 

The term was used to describe Plastic Tree's Vocalist's
Ryuutarou Arimura(the one in the middle) as he was considered to carry the aura of such a young boy; childish and somewhat offbeat(<=== these are NOT my words ~(>v<)~). The term was not used to describe solely Ryutarou's fashion style but the whole of him...Ryuutarou~ish

The term has also been used to describe Shisen
 who has made numerous appearances in Gothic Lolita Bibles and is also well known amoung the Gothic, Lolita and Cyber Clubbing scene. However Shisen (also known to some as Violet) is unaware of the Kodona fashion. I have been led to believe that the style which he would consider himself to be affliated with is Ouji~sama.

Though Kodona is not considered Lolita or even a fashion style in Japan in other countries it is a popular way of describing a certain look and personality. I feel that Ouji~sama is a better way of describing the elegant (maybe youngish) gothic male look but on the otherhand Kodona is the counterpart to Lolita and thus has a seperate persona to that of Ouji~sama therefore this style should be considered seperatly and maybe Kodona should be considered an addition to the ever growing Gothic fashion sub-catagories.

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