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Male Style [王子様・Ouji~sama・Prince]
 nozomi29kun - (nozomi29)
11:56pm 07/06/2008
[---[[NoZoMi29~KuN]]---] posting in [---[[望み二十九~君]]---]

Ouji~sama is my favorite style as it is elegant, can be reagle and at the sametime very youthful. Furthermore it's probally the simplest style to pull off especially on a tight budged. 


Ouji~sama or Prince style is often characterised by the 3/4 length trousers, frilly shirts, waistcoat/coat, tophat, cane. However these characteristics are not set in stone and I find that the Ouji~sama style can vary from very elaborate to very plain and even from elegant to slightly punk-ish

Although the Prince style is a masculine one the types of shirts worn are very frilly, ruffled andmlarge colar styles which can be found in most women's stores e.g. TK Maxx, New Look, Topshop etc.. I managed to pick one up with ruffles running down the font, around the sleeves and even a slight bit around the color. However if you are unable to find a ruffly shirt there are other ways to customise your own easily. One think I like doing especially is adding ribbon. Tieing ribbons around the colar (a bit like a tie) and on either arm. instantly give it a bit more character. However you may need to saftey pin the shirt together at the neck opening a bit as it may be too low to add ribbons. If you enjoy a bit of sewing adding a bit of contrasting ribbon around the edge can also give the shirt a new look.
If the sleeves are very long on you then they can be turned/ stiched up and two large novety buttons of you choice can be sltiched onto each sleeve. 

If you are a very good sewer you may want to add an extra peice of material to the neck andmake it into one of thoe fountain things (sorry I do not know what it is called o~(>.<)~o )

I find that a waistcoat canreally bring an outfit together and even emphasise a persons shape. If you want a femanine shape (some girls feel that they should not try and make their shape seem masculine as it has some adverse effects therefore keeping a female figure is perfectly fine ^^') then just buy a regular waistcoat which can be found usually in formal wear in the womensdepartment stores. However if you want to have a more masculine shape then instead of buying the waistcoat from the femalesection buy it from the male section. 
The colour which you desire again is up to you. Some people prefer a simple black other prefer a pattern. Useing cream fabic with the Indian tear drop parrtern gives the waistcoat a very reagle and elegant feel. This can also be used for coats or trousers. 
Below I have included a picture of a person dressed in Ouji~sama style. What I like about the picture is how she has added a peice of material underneed of the same colour to give it aslight tailed look. I think it would be really cool if you got a peice of material cut it into that sort of shape then tuck it into your trousers and saftey pin it down or even saftey pin it to the belf of the trousers and cover those pins with the shirt. You don't need to hem it as having it freyed and rough looking like in the picture can look pretty awsome. 

If you do decide to make or purchase a coat it should match the trousers. Unless you are going to make an outfit or buy one from the internet I don't suggest wearing a coat. However it is possible to try and make an outfit with a coat. Take your trousers and find a plain coat with matches the material. To this coat add some sort of white ruffles to the sleeves and to the same to the bottom of the trousers. Take the buttons off the coat and add some new ones. Also add these same new buttons to the bottom of the trousers. You could add a little bow to the bottom of eat trouser lg and to eat coat sleeve. This might not look so brillient but have a try. You never know ^^

Caplets can also look cool. They are also easy to make. To give them something a bit extra you can add some ruffles to the edge of the caplet and some to the trouser edge. Or you can do like you did wiht the coat and buttons.

(Please note a  capelet coat or waistcoat is not neccesary. However if your shirt is very plain it is highly recomended).

Generally trouser should be 3/4 length however regular length trousers is also fine. You can choose any colour which you like. Currently the most popular apear to be: black, inky blue, brown and tartan print. If you want you can stitch some ruffles to the bottom.  Or like in one of the pictures shown tie a couple of belts around a leg ribbon if you want.I saw someone withblack trousers then they hand thick white ribbon winding around one leg. They were wearing a coat and on one sleeve the again had the thick white riddon wrapped around one sleeve. It looked quite good.

I noticed a lot of people instead of spending large amounts of money on a tophat are going to the teddy bear factory stores and buying the little top hats from there. they are then stiching on their own lace or ribbon so they can tie it to their head. Somepeople just susperglue it to a headband. 

Other little accessories which you can add include a brouch. This can be placed on the middle of a lower neck shirt and ribbon can be added (see picture). Rings always look good regardless and bracelets and necklaces which you might have lieing around. Some people choose to wear a tie or bowtie. These can be simple or you may choose to stich a little design on them to add affect. You do not need a cane to look ouji~sama (¬.¬)'

Socks can be any colour (white, black, red, stripes) however I have been told that you should not wear pattered or lacey socks as these are more lolita. Also if you are wearing all black then decide to wear a white pair of socks it may look a bit odd. A lot of people choose not to wear anything at all.

I just wanted to add a little bit about the dreaded shoes. This is wear you may end up having to spend a load of money..heh..sorry. It's worth looking around eBay for some good deals. However if you have a pair of simple new rock boots at home these for Ouji~sama do the trick. 

I hope this has been of some help to you. Please feel free to add more or send me a message if you feel the need for me to change something.
Please remeber that this is based facts and a bit of opnion based on other peoples articles, images and personal attempts. 

Below I have included some PIctures and a hat making tutorial

Ouji~sama 1
Ouji~sama 2
Ouji~sama 3
Ouji~sama 4
Ouji~sama 5
Ouji~sama 6

How to make a Tophat

[ .until. we. meet. again. ]

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